“SCRAPING” Sites, Good or Bad?

COMPANIES ARE WAGING an invisible data war online. And your phone might be an unwitting soldier. Retailers ranging from Amazon, Walmart to tiny startups are interested in what their Competitors are charging for the same product. Bricks and Sand retailers can send people to their competitive shops to get a note of the price list, but … Continue reading “SCRAPING” Sites, Good or Bad?

The Startup Story!

Do you have an idea in your mind? Have you been thinking to start a business? Have you been wondering to conquer the world by becoming the boss of your own company? Well definitely YES! If not you, then there are millions of people planning to do so. But think about it, there are millions … Continue reading The Startup Story!


Day 5: Hello Readers, I am here again with a set of new words with their meanings and their mnemonics. And here are the word meanings: 1.)Apathy(n): an absence of emotion and enthusiast. 2.)Appease(v): classify (someone) by exceeding to their demands. 3.)Apprise(v): inform (somebody) of something. 4.)Anomalous(adj): deviating from the general type. 5.)Approbation(n): formal approval. … Continue reading Vocabulary!


DAY 4: Halo! I am here again with 10 new words and their mnemonics: 1.)Alleviate(v): Make (problem, pain) less severe. 2.)Amalgamate(v,adj): To bring or combine together or with something else. 3.)Ambiguous(adj): Having more than one possible meaning. 4.)Ambivalence(n): Mixed feelings or emotions. 5.)Ameliorate(v): To make better. 6.)Anachronism(n): something located at a time when it could … Continue reading Vocabulary!