Interview for Embedded Software Engineer at Qualcomm:

This was round 1 for Embedded software engineer role at Qualcomm. I was interviewed for 2 different roles related to Embedded software engineering. Below are the questions that were asked by the interviewer (questions are combine from both interviews): Technical background.Explain about your research project.Different storage classes: auto, extern, static and register.What is volatile keyword … Continue reading Interview for Embedded Software Engineer at Qualcomm:

“SCRAPING” Sites, Good or Bad?

COMPANIES ARE WAGING an invisible data war online. And your phone might be an unwitting soldier. Retailers ranging from Amazon, Walmart to tiny startups are interested in what their Competitors are charging for the same product. Bricks and Sand retailers can send people to their competitive shops to get a note of the price list, but … Continue reading “SCRAPING” Sites, Good or Bad?


Day 5: Hello Readers, I am here again with a set of new words with their meanings and their mnemonics. And here are the word meanings: 1.)Apathy(n): an absence of emotion and enthusiast. 2.)Appease(v): classify (someone) by exceeding to their demands. 3.)Apprise(v): inform (somebody) of something. 4.)Anomalous(adj): deviating from the general type. 5.)Approbation(n): formal approval. … Continue reading Vocabulary!